This will be a more personal entry than most; not quite a diary entry, but perhaps close.
Over the last few weeks, Eiley and I have had some conversations (mostly too short!) about our involvement at Imago – where, how, when, etc. There are a number of challenges to that, not the least of which is geographic, with our location at some distance from ID, our kids’ schools, and my work (not to mention seminary, which I continue to plug away at). Another challenge is the broader “life situation” we are in right now: on the heels of a rather lengthy (5+ years) wilderness experience that has brought both of us through some significant times of introspection, reevaluation, reflection…. The journey has shaken my self-confidence (normally quite high!) and led me toward a much-needed, increased confidence in God – even as I have often shaken my finger at him, screamed at him, cried to him, questioned him, and just wondered at his seeming absence. I think in many respects, it is that shaken self-confidence that has kept me from getting more involved in areas at Imago that I might have jumped into several years ago.

One of the big challenges I’ve faced over the past five years is that I’ve been involved in very few activities that are truly energizing for me – typically, activities that involve teaching, training, and strategic leadership in one form or fashion. In the past, I have been involved in those kinds of things at church through adult Sunday School classes, small groups, church board; and at work through department leadership and staff training.

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