What is a disciple?


Okay, we’re going back to the whole discipleship vs. follower question. The question is really this: Can someone be “born again” (to use Jesus’ term), be “saved” (also a biblical term), yet not be a disciple? It’s not my intent to place a litmus test on salvation; that’s God’s job. But if every person who is saved is somehow automatically a disciple, then why does it seem that so few people (including me) are really living the way Jesus said a disciple lives? Asked another way, What does a 21st-century disciple of Jesus Christ look like?

Here are a few things Jesus said about a disciple:
they are to pray for workers for the harvest (Matthew 9:37-38)
they are authorized to “drive out evil spirits and heal every disease and sickness.” (Matt. 10:1) [Note that this authority was given specifically to the twelve disciples whom Jesus designated as apostles. Whether it applies more broadly to all other disciples is fodder for another study.]
they are his “mother and brothers” (Matt. 12:49)
they deny themselves

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