Home…at last


Whether you measure it by days, weeks, months, or years, our journey has been a long one. And adventurous. We started in August 2013 with the decision to pursue a Lead Pastor role. Today—four years and eight months later—I am sitting for the first time in my new-to-me study at The Journey Church in Sonora, California.

What began as an exciting, if not a bit unnerving, challenge took our family through the twists and turns of cancer, unemployment, loss, and death; we faced depression and discouragement.

Along the way, we also reconnected with old friends, saw acquaintances become lifelong friends, and made new friends. God pushed, prodded, and poked us, challenging each of us to lean on him more and in new ways. He continued his lifelong transformation in our lives. He showed me my pride (again) and stripped (some of) it away. I saw my attitude toward churches shift from, I could lead that church; to I don’t know if I can do this – but I can love the people and walk along with them.

And so here we are, back in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just starting this journey with a very appropriately-named community. And if what we’ve seen in the five days we’ve been here is any indication, God’s going to do some amazing things through us all – and I mostly need to hang on tight!


4 thoughts on “Home…at last

  1. Denise Marshall

    I am so excited for you and your family Randy!God has made you into a great Pastor in your struggle. Your family has grown and changed also. Your new Church Family is getting a new and improved Ehle Family. And boy are they lucky!

  2. Edd Donald

    Your transparency and heart have always been inspiring to Sharon and me… we are happy for you guys and look forward to seeing you again as well as following your new adventures through your writing… which is genuinely honest and insightful..
    Welcome back to a place where as Bebo Norman’s song says …” Where the trees stand still “….unless it’s storming…


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