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Welcome! Let me take a moment to introduce myself – if I can figure out how!

The Ehle Family

The Ehle Family

By relationships. I’m a Christian: a follower of Jesus Christ and a child of God. I’m a husband: married for twenty-two years to Eiley. I’m a dad: father to a 19-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter, and an 11-year-old daughter. I’m a son to parents who have been married to each other for 57 years. I’m a brother to a brother, a sister, and another brother who beat us all to heaven.


Randy Ehle

Randy Ehle

By occupation. I’ve been a pastor for four-and-a-half years and have just completed work toward a Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership degree. Before that I spent fifteen years in the financial industry, serving the people who make money for other people. I worked in the college ministry of a large church for six years during my own college years. I was a radio operator in the Air Force for four years and in the California Air National Guard for three more. I’ve been a groundskeeper, dishwasher, busboy, cab driver, oil tank cleaner and assembler, secretary, photo processor, and mailroom clerk. And I’m a published author (one poem, one time, in 1986 or so)!


By interests. I love the outdoors – particularly mountains, rivers, trees, and rocks. I love to read – an eclectic mix of Tom Clancy, Louis L’Amour, Reggie McNeal, Erwin McManus, Rick McKinley, and theology! I don’t particularly like running, but will run with purpose (like the annual Run For Courage in Folsom, CA). I enjoy sports, especially soccer and football, and have enjoyed both coaching my daughter’s soccer teams and playing in a local softball league.

An early move - 1971

An early move – 1971

By background. My parents have served for almost 48 years with Cru. Actually, they’ve been with Campus Crusade for Christ—which has recently changed its name in the US to Cru—since I was two. That adventure took us around the US, to Canada, and to Germany, so I’ve lived a lot of places (born in Michigan, then to California, Minnesota, Texas, British Columbia, and Germany). I’m what’s called a “third-culture kid.” I lived in England for 3½ years (US Air Force) and have traveled to Mexico, South Korea, Ethiopia, and Liberia (not to mention most of Western Europe).

By passions. The word “passion” is becoming overused in certain contexts, like around churches. Most of what people call a passion is really little more than an interest, or maybe a burden. Real passions, though, are interests on steroids! They are the things you can’t not do; the things that your mind thinks about even when you aren’t thinking about anything. They occupy your time and energy, but don’t drain your energy. So, what am I passionate about?

  • I’m passionate about people knowing Jesus Christreally knowing him—through the Bible, through community, through personal faith, through experience. 
  • I’m passionate about The Church being a community of people who know Jesus, love people (even hard-to-love people), and strive in God’s Holy Spirit power to realize the future hope we have of reconciliation with God.
  • Lake Langano, Ethiopia

    Lake Langano, Ethiopia

    I’m passionate about the world, and about helping American Christians become aware of the world, its diverse people and wonders, and the amazing things God is doing through his people around the world.

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