Intentionally Intrusive Community


I need to commit myself to living in intentionally intrusive,
Christ-centered, grace-driven, redemptive community.

—Paul David Tripp in Dangerous Calling
(written specifically to and for pastors; but this line is for all of us.)

Think about each of those words, each of the two-word adjectives. Christ-centered is—or at least seems—easy for us, a no-brainer. Grace-driven, as well. (At least until we’re faced with actually giving grace to someone who has screwed up royally!)

Redemptive—well, who wouldn’t want that? There’s hope in that word.

But we almost choke on two of the words: intentionally intrusive. After all, intrusion is bad, isn’t it? We don’t want others to intrude on us. I don’t. I bet you don’t, either. So why would I want to live in community that is intentionally intrusive?

Because sometimes my thinking, believing, behaving isn’t what it ought to be. Sometimes I need someone to point that out to me. My wife and kids might do that; they will and they have. But how do I receive it from them? Seldom with the humility they need to hear.

That’s why I need others in my life. That’s why my family needs me to need (and have) others in my life. Not just random others who stick their noses in uninvited, but true community. True Christ-centered, grace-driven, redemptive community. And only when THAT community exists will I dare commit myself to allowing that community to intentionally intrude. Only that community is safe.

Do you have that community? Can you be that community for others? Christ-centered, grace-driven, redemptive? Only that type of community is safe enough to also be intentionally intrusive.

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